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Loveland Elite is a semi-professional, exhibition football team representing Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding region. The purpose of our team is to provide a platform for local talent to showcase their abilities as well as implementing a local football culture in our community. We are dedicated to build character, teamwork, discipline, and physical wellness to elevate the lifestyles of our players. As a result, our players will be more successful in their lives and contribute more in their communities. Further, our events will strengthen our community itself by bringing friends and family together in support of their team. Consequently, our social networks will expand greatly allowing us to network, collaborate or just simply be together more often. In addition, a multitude of local businesses will have the opportunity to thrive at and around our events, boosting our local economy and inspiring entrepreneurship.

 Follow our Facebook page and check out our website to stay updated on team operations, events, schedules, standings, and much more. If you have any questions regarding joining the team, please contact any team affiliate for more information.


Loveland Elite is currently affiliated with the Colorado Football Association (CFA) based out of Denver, Colorado. This league has been known as the American Developmental Football League (ADFL) since its foundation five years ago, however, the focus of the league has been redirected towards a more state model. This is one of two leagues in Colorado, the other being the Colorado Football Conference (CFC).


The home field of the Loveland Elite is at District 6 Stadium in Greeley, Colorado

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